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The Wedge, mouthpiece silverplated

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Wedge French Horn Mouthpieces
Better Sound, Range, Endurance, Flexibility and Comfort - Guaranteed.
Mastery of the French horn places unique physical demands on the player. We not only play the instrument, we are a part of the instrument. The degree of facial strength and stamina required in brass playing makes it a unique type of "athletic" endeavor. Producing sound by as a musical "reed" is not only challenging, it is sometimes punishing. The result can be fatigue, stiffness or swelling that limits our capacity for musical expression.

We Offer a Solution

The Wedge mouthpiece has been described by players using it as the most significant innovation in brass design in decades. It was developed by combining an understanding of human anatomy and physiology with 40 years of experience as a trumpet player. The result is a unique oval, curved rim shape that is far more comfortable and efficient than a traditional round and flat rim.

Players using a Wedge mouthpiece can expect:

Easy Adaptation with no need for a change in your embouchure
A fuller sound more even response in all registers
Greater comfort
Improved flexibility
More endurance
Enhanced range
Better articulation
Less swelling

Available in size: 775D. 


€  220,00